The cloud is not going away. Cloud development will continue to grow.

Cloud services are impacting all layers of the software and hardware stack.
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By the year 2020, the worldwide public cloud services will increase to $383 billion. It is projected that 50% of all IT outsourcing (ITO) deals will be adopted in the cloud. The use of cloud services facilitates a speed to market and company agility that allows scalability and efficiencies to dominate your competition.

Companies that do not embrace the new cloud paradigm, will be left behind. If your company is tied to a specific set of servers and you lack the capability to scale effectively, you will get left behind. We all know of companies that have failed to read the writing on the wall and didn't invest in their infrastructure to future proof their offerings.

If you wait until your inability to scale impacts your core business, you may not be able to change fast enough to prevent your competition from taking advantage of your perceived weakness.

As an expert in the field, I can provide useful insite into your issues and potential problems. My recommendations will guide you in your business decisions and give you confidence in order to move ahead.

Prior to specializing in the LAMP stack cloud services, I architected and built systems used in large manufacturing companies. I have also designed/built high availablility, hipaa compliant medical applications.

By working with me, you get a professional in the field and not a junior or mid-level person in a firm somewhere that may not have a deep understanding of the big picture.

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